Conveyor Chain

Intro: The Conveyor Chain is a spare part of a paver. Its function is enabling traction, transmitting power, and transporting material. Chain links are connected in sequence by pins and axial fasteners, and the chain links are welded and combined by a chain rod and a scraper.

The Conveyor Chain is made of high-quality steel and heat-treated to sustain heavy loads and high pressure to provide the best wear resistance.

The pre-assembled part contains two conveyor chains with scrapers, bolts, and closed-loop connectors.

Reasons for malfunction of the Conveyor Chain:
A. Too loose, causing it to scratch on the ground.
B. Asphalt particles damaging chain when particles are stuck inside the chain or bearing.
C. Loosening of bolts connections or cracking of the base plate, which causes jamming of the chain.
D. Cracking of the right chain.

Conveyor System (Paver)

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