Cutting Tools

Characteristics: Tungsten Carbide Tip, connected by a soft cobalt metal, with a hardness of more than 1400 HV, making it resistant to bending under high temperature and high impact environment. Tip is sharp and small, ensuring the taper performance when cutting into the ground, reducing cutting resistance. Large at bottom to provide protection for the tool holder. The connection strength is high, and it can withstand the bending moment caused by the 6-ton force applied to the tip at a 45-degree direction with the shank.

Material of tip: It is an alloy combined by tungsten powder and cobalt powder. Tungsten is characterized by hardness and wear resistance, while softer cobalt combines tungsten powder particles together to ensure sufficient resistance and toughness of the entire tungsten steel head.

EVERPADS’ Tungsten Carbide tip is made 22U tungsten powder made in Germany to ensure excellent quality. Hardness is between 89-90 HRC. The surface of the tip will be raised to about 95 HRC after special treatment.

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