Tool Holders

1.The forged tool holder is made of 35MnB high-quality steel and is processed by intermediate frequency hardening heat treatment to increase the hardness of the mounting hole of the cutting tool and improve the wear resistance. Our tool holder can fit to all model of W brand machine, and better than their quality.

2. Processing technology of tool holder (1) selection of raw materials (2) forging of tool holder (3) machining (4) heat treatment (5) intermediate frequency quenching depth of mounting hole contact surface 5-7 mm deep (increasing surface Hardness and overall wear resistance)

3. The process of quenching shown as below: First, the intermediate frequency quenching is used to install the tool holder on the designed support seat, and it is installed on the quenching worktable. The temperature is set to 1000 degrees Celsius for heating.

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