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Spreading System

  • Auger blade
    Auger blade

    Auger blade

    Auger Blade determines the spreading of the asphalt material, we choose the best quality steel to ensure the lifetime and good abrasion ability.
    EVERPADS is able to offer all kinds of auger blade & connecting auger blade for famous brand, such as VÖGELE, VOLVO, and Dynapac.

    The auger blade uses 20% above a high chromium alloy, has high quality, with high-quality carbide steel and alloy. The specially heat-treated, (HRC 55 of hardness) has high wear-resistance, high fracture-resistance, and a long-life span.

    1. The Spreading system is the most important part of the paver, which consumes more than half of the power generated.
    2. When the paver is moving ahead, the auger blade spins and spreads material evenly to the ground, in front of the screed plate, and lets the screed plate do its job.

    2-1 The Spiral speed should meet the required paving rate of the paver.
    2-2 The Spiral power should meet the requirements of the paver’s power allocation.
    2-3 The Spiral parameters should meet the requirements of the anti-segregation and uniformity of the paved pavement.

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