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IC02 Series Rubber Buffer

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Application: Vibratory Roller

IC02 rubber buffer series for asphalt roller/compactor can be varied with each brand.
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Formula E solution

3 Times of Service Life

IC102 series rubber buffer features the Formula E keeps the rubber heating down at 63 C/145 F to prevent rubber exceeding the fatigue temperature point that enormously improve the rubber buffer service life.


Special Rubber compund

Give Full Play to Vibratory Hammer Driving / Extracting Force

The IC02 series remove all the obstacles in the way of operating the vibratory hammer with our highest resistance rubber buffer. The special compound of rubber provides operators to manage every sudden changing driving/extracting force by enhancing the molecular bonds that deliver the most robust rubber tear resistance and protecting your vibratory hammers.

durable and robust steel plate

Multi Processing Treatment 

The steel plate of IC02 rubber buffer features multi-process treatment with heating, electroplating, and anti-corrosion treatments that IC02rubber buffer is ready for every severe construction project.

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