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Rubber Track Pads

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Rubber Pads from EVERPADS is available in a comprehensive range of sizes. Depending on your machine needs, we can customize a high-value rubber pad for you. By applying Formula E, each rubber track pad is secured by low heat generation, which can prevent your rubber pad from aging and extend its service life. Our rubber pad products are produced from premium quality, tear, and abrasion-resistant rubber, using refined production methods and advanced quality control processes. Our rubber pad categories range from bolt-on pads to direct-to-chain pads. These are easily fitted to help maximize machine upkeep time, while minimizing labor costs.  Whether you have a 2-ton or 25-ton heavy machine, our rubber pad products can fit in. They are all properly vulcanized to meet high standards. EVERPADS's Rubber track pads use premium OEM quality rubber to prevent damaging the soil. There are various options to meet different machine specifications in case our in-stock rubber pads don't meet your needs. The bolt-on rubber pad products can be tightened onto the track shoes and be effortlessly replaced on site; Unlike the clip-on track pads that can easily fall off when steering the direction.  Rubber pad products from EVERPADS are cut-resistant and are available for many heavy equipment manufacturers. Feel free to message us for a free quote. While you can improve your machine’s versatility, you can easily revert, depending on the surface of the operation. With an increased strength on unstable surfaces, our rubber pad products make it easy to move machines.


  • Featured EVERPADS proprietary, advanced rubber technology- Formula E
  • The Chamfer design smooths the machine walk, decreasing wear when rubber track pads and road surface were rubbing one another.
  • Better ability to absorb shock than poly track pads, and great protection for other parts of the undercarriage system.
  • Better wear-resistant than poly track pad. Smaller areas wear instead of big areas.


  • More elastic, tear-resistant, more ground friction, easier to climb slope.
  • Built-in plate patent designs strengthen the structure of the rubber track pads.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance when operating, which greatly improves the life span, and makes it suitable for any working environment.


Special rubber Compound

Formula E

EVERPADS applies our proprietary, advanced technologies, Formula E, to our rubber track pads. It slows down the rubber's aging and fatigue speed, maintain the temperature at 63 ℃ or 145.4 ℉, which results in a longer service life and remaining excellent properties capabilities during the on heavy-duty construction project. The special compound of rubber that produces excellent absorption capabilities protects your undercarriage system and enhances the operator's experience.


Chamfer edge patent design

EVERPADS meticulously designed chamfer edge optimizes an advanced quality and steering agility to overcome rugged road surfaces. This helps to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and makes it possible to handle intense construction projects. EVERPADS is truly the next choice of your undercarriage track pads.

Built-in plate patent design

Impossibly Durable

Our built-in plate patent design, significantly enhances the adhesive force that provides mechanical engineer structures in preventing unexpected breakage at each track pad.


Bolt-on rubber track pads

It provides a more straightforward installation and cost-efficient solution, thanks to the bolt-on design it features.


Support frame

Featured engineering structured support frames substantially increases the strength of track pads, as well as preventing any deformation.

  • Milling Machine ( planer)
  • Paver
  • Excavator

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