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Track Chain

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All track chain products from EVERPADS are manufactured in an advanced machining center. Thanks to the automation centering process, all the dimensions are precisely matched to the mounting hole that ensures track chain accuracy and stability. We adopt professional heat treatment technology with a result of HB 364-444 in the hardness of the material. This makes it difficult for it to deform. 

With an advanced forging process, high-quality 25Mm steel is the primary material for our track chains to meet OEM industry standards

The track chains on this listing range in different pitches for planers, pavers or excavators. They range from 125mm pitch to 171mm pitch, and they are all available in our track chain product.

To ensure the quality and precision of each track chain in EVERPADS, we designed them with long bushings to reach into the link. This helped us achieve a stable and anti-resistant solution. Our track chains are suitable for most available machines, including complete track groups with shoes.


one chain can serve you a lifetime



Generation X-type design

EVERPDADS’ newly designed X-type track chain, has increased the geometry structure area by 38%, compared to the previous model, significantly strengthening the tensile load capacity; reducing the easy-to-break structure position; and also increasing the impact resistance and tensile strength. When the chain link shaft breaks, you only need to replace the shaft, and you can continue to use it without replacing the entire track chain.

Optimized Chain link

Save Your Cost

The new optimized X-type track links saves your operating costs by providing stronger links that you will only need to change the pin shaft with an unexpected break.


Enhance body geometry

X-Type track chain is featured of engineering and design. It's incredibly refined, boasts impossible strength, and is built with an uncompromising commitment to enhance the performance in your construction projects.


Extremely durable

Withstand 800Kn

Under the tensile test, Generation X-Type tracks out-performs to 800kn with 20mm displacement until the pin breaks. New generation track chains are now more capable to deal with any severe construction environment.


All track chains from EVERPADS are forged from the strongest materials of alloy steel. The material composition is adjustable to meet the precise application.

The suitable application is: 

  • Road Milling Machine
  • Asphalt Paver
  • Dozer
  • Excavator
  • All other track-type machines

To provide in any undercarriage track chain needs, whether removal or replacement, our large selection of track chains are hardened to enhance wear performance under the most severe applications.

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