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Cutting Tool Introduction

Cutting Tool Introduction

Everpads is a well-known global construction machine spare
parts manufacturer. Our US and Euro patent right includes the
special design steel body plus our unique waved-shape wear
plate. Producing the highest quality and durability milling
teeth worldwide is what we valued.


經濟 (橘刀頭) 銑刨鼓1300018 W2200 TH11-185 15mm2019_11拷貝 TH12N-C爆炸圖渲染(兩光源)拷貝

Tip Design

未命名-2拷貝   DSC_9569拷貝

1. Our carbide tip is made by German material, aiming the best wear resistance
rate compare to other well-known brands. The tip is a tapered design with small
in diameter, the teeth is constructed as a sharp and tough piece. Plus, the angle
of attack on the tool holder, high asphalt breaking performance and low operating
resistance are expected.

2. Our steel body is high wear resistance, plus our patented wave-shape design
ensuring the best rotating performance and the better protection to the tool holder
during milling process. The forging carbide steel and specially designed layout also
promise the longer lifespan of milling teeth.

3. Our waved-shape washer is made by high quality steel. Great hardness, low-wear,
good elastic, high temperature resistance, plus the ability of high shock absorption.
The thickness is 4mm and 48mm in diameter which is 4mm larger than HT22 tool holder,
so it is able to cover the tool holder aiming for better crushing protection, reducing the
rubbings between asphalt and the tool holder so as to increase the service life.

4. Our spring plate is made by high quality steel. It can maintain a long-lasting constant
tension. It will tightly hold the milling teeth also allow the milling teeth to rotate smoothly
in the tool holder. It is not going to allow the teeth fall-off from the tool holder during the
planning, which can effectively reduce the friction force and increases the wear resistance.

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