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The productivity and technology of Everpads Milling drum


Milling drum Manufacture Process

Road construction companies are facing more and more challenges nowadays, our special newly design milling 
drum provides outstanding performance to adopt various road conditions also meet the diversity of customers’demand. 
Robotic welding arm assist to set the best angle and the most precision alignment during the production process, aiming 
to bring the optimal flatness when milling the road. 



A. Welding by imported robotic arm, computer controlled. High stability, high accuracy and high positioning angle. Good milling flatness and quality guaranteed.

B. Better milling flatness than other brands. Well organized tool holders, with perfect land contacting angle.

C. Better milling material collecting efficiency. Well aligned of tool holder makes better collecting efficiency. Waste material collecting board is made of anti-wear material, and large surface design to ensure waste material are fully removed from milling chamber and keeps milled road surface clean.

D. One-stop customized services, provide all kinds of solutions. Our patented tool holder provides stable service, 15-3mm and alignment can be arranged by you, and all milling machines are compatible.

E. Fine milling drum with TH05 tool holder, forging craft, heat treated, increase the durability of tool holder. We choose the best welding material joining with the base, provide outstanding tensile properties, also brings better endurance of impact during the milling process.


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