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The advantages and properties of Everpads Poly track pads

Highlights of EVERPADS Polyurethane Pads

1.   Separate design provides easier installation.

2.   We use high quality polyurethane lubricant aiming to extend lifespan.

3.   Machine arm welding built-in plate reinforces the structure.

4.   Ultra-high pressure mixing process increases product density and strength.

5.   Chamfer edge design ensures the riding quality and turning smoothness.

6.   Raw materials from world-leading suppliers plus EVERPADS’ ultimate manufacturing craft, produce the unbeatable polyurethane pads.



A.  Slightly tougher than W brand PU trackpad but not too hard. Not easy to peel off into pieces when rubbing against hard objects while walking.

B.  Our PU track pad has low friction coefficient to the road surface, easy steering, no damage to the support of the whole undercarriage system.


The comparison of our PU trackpad and other brand:

8 months after track pad attached to the machine

  • 3 months after track pad attached to the machine


  • About 8 months after track pad attached to the machine


Used by American customers, the working hours of W210 machine is  around 900-1200 hours.


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