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Why choose EVERPADS buffer rubber? What are the benefits?

EVERPADS buffer rubber can be customized, according to customers' wide-ranging needs and special requirements, and are available in various sizes and hardnesses.

Our products can withstand frequent vibration tests up to 1,200,000 revolutions and a huge tensile force of 20 tons, and provide more than 100 items to meet your different needs.

Under normal working conditions, the lifetime of EVERPADS buffer rubber of the pile driver can last as high as half to one year.  The buffer rubber for the roller can reach an average of 3 years, which reduces the time required for construction replacement, shortens the construction period and maintenance time, and brings more Multi-benefit.



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The shock-absorbing rubber mount is harder. Although the price is low, however, the buffer rubber needs to be replaced in less than half a year,  or even three months shorter. It is easy to break after embrittlement during construction and needs to be replaced frequently. In addition, the colloid is too hard to cause damage to the machine.

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