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Comparative analysis with other brands

Distinct advantages compare to W brand: Our cutting tool is able to rotate more 
freely  compare to Wirtgen’s cutting tool. Unlikely to partial wear, more even wear, 
easier to operate, better milling flatness, not easy to wear (due to our special design 
spring clip, bringing more expansion space in the tool holder). Wirtgen does not have too 
much space to expand, leading the cutting tool easier to seize inside the tool holder resulting 
in higher possibility of partial wear.


W brand model 22 tool holder + W6/20X2 cutting tool:


                       (Demonstrate of partial wear)


W brand model 11 tool holder + W7/20X2 cutting tool:


                         (Demonstrate of partial wear)

The renew of W brand’s cutting tool: After June 2019, a new Wirtgen
asphalt cutting tool released in Taiwan. The body is shorter and wider
than before, and the tungsten tip is longer. The purpose is to increase
its lifespan. Spring clip dimension remain unchanged, washer is thinner,
after using, the washer will attach to the tool holder to protect it.
The partial wear condition still happened, some customers believe that
the wear resistance and the actual number of working hours do not have
much difference from the previous model.

W6-20X2:                         W7-20X2:


In 2020, Wirtgen’s washer renewed to the same thickness as our washer,
carbide body is now thicker, the tip is sharper, the cone shape is more
distinct. At present, 8600 square meters are used in the central part of
Taiwan and the situation of partial wear is still serious.


         (Demonstrate of partial wear On the right graph)


The 2018 record data shows the actual situation of W brand 22 model tool
holder with Everpads cutting tool T6W and T7WS. Show as below:



Milling Area

For milling machines above 2M, under normal construction condition and

T7WS, medium hardness asphalt or concrete pavement, setting 5CM depth can
be cut to 16000-17000 square meters (tested in W250)

T6W, medium hardness asphalt or concrete pavement, 3CM setting can be
cut out to 12000 square meters and 5CM setting can be cut out to 9000
square meters (tested on W210)

For milling machines below 1M, under normal construction condition and

T5WS, medium hardness asphalt or concrete pavement, on general road
pavement is capable of 4500 square meters, and the harder asphalt pavement
is capable of 2000.




Related Products

  • Milling Drum

    Milling Drum

    The milling drum from EVERPADS enhances the optimum use of a cold planer's potential. The intellectual technology processes can manufacture the precise quality of a milling drum's tool spacing up to 3mm. We offer a variety of milling drums in this category for cold planers. 

    We have different ranges that depend on the tool spacing and the maximum milling depth of the machines 

    Key Features and Benefits

    • It can easily cut and break out particles(materials) from the compound. 
    • It possesses high welding strength, slow deformation, and stress corrosion.
    • It has better milling flatness with accurate angle, depth, and geometry to meet specific machine needs.
    • There is easy transportation of particles to the tract of the ejector. 
    • It can meet enormous demands on large volume operations. 

    EVERPADS have different milling drums for specific purposes. The products under this category are: 

    • Standard milling drum: mostly used for the removal of surfaces.
    • Micro-fine milling drum: for increased surface grip for large profile demands, including roughening road surfaces. It is also easier for road markings removal. 
    • ECO Cutter: good for concrete milling work. 
    • Fine milling drum: accurate in corrective milling 
    The milling drum for cold planers from EVERPADS can effectively eject removed particles into the loading conveyor. No matter the thickness of the surface, it can level and smooth it to a full-depth removal. While it easily adapts to any road conditions, its performance during operation is of a high standard.


    • 0.5 M to 2 M Standard Milling Drum
    • 2 M Fine Milling Drum


    • Automatic spot-welding system: EVERPADS milling drum adopts the XYZ axis numerical positioning to have the most accurate tooth base position and angle- Preventing uneven wear out during operation. Ensuring the surface processing is straight.
    • Multi-welding process: maximizing the welding strength between the milling drum and tooth base.
    • Material selection and forging process: EVERPADS tooth holder and tooth base are high-quality wear-resistant alloy materials, and the forging method makes the hardness up to 52 HRC.
    • Stress relief annealing prevents deformation, welding cracking, stress corrosion and ensures welding strength.
    • Precision finishing process: after the whole secondary process, every EVEPPADS milling drum gives a precision finishing process to ensure the accuracy of every dimension.
    • Dynamic balance adjustment: every EVERPADS milling drum will inspect balance adjustment to prevent any negative causes while the milling drum is rotating.
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