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EVERPADS Protector Skid

I.   Adjusted material and thickness, increased to 6mm for front end, to increase wear resistant when contacted to uneven road surface.

II. The alloy steel that we choose provides higher hardness and better wear resistance compared to traditional steel. The hardness rate between 58~60 HRC. Under any hard working circumstance, it is capable to withstand up to 1000 hours of use. (Based on 2019 data)

III.  Data: (only Taiwan Users)

  • W brand can only work about 1,000 hours (W210, W250, W2200)
  • Our customer’s feedback: In 2018, our protector skid can last around 800~900 hours.
  • In 2019, due to the adjustment of steel material and thickness, our protector skid can last around 1,000 hours.


Below: 800~900 of working hours.


Below: 900~950 of working hours. (Need to be replaced)

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  • Protector Skid

    Protector Skid


    Protector skid products from EVERPADS are an effective base framework that protects your cold milling machine from the road surface. The wear-resistant tungsten carbide implementation ensures the product's longevity and increases cost-efficiency.
    While it can stand the test of time, it effectively keeps your cold milling machine's delicate components safe from being endangered by extensive damage.
    Protector Skids from EVERPADS protects the underneath parts of your machine by holding it within, while absorbing the impact of the surface upon operation. Our skid protectors can fit a variety of machines and optimize operational reliability. 


    Key Benefits 

    • No compatibility issues, there is a right fit for every machine size. 

    • Maximum productivity (can work up to 1500hrs).
    • Suitable for highly demanding milling tasks.
    • Features a high-carbon wear-resistant aluminum alloy. 
    • Absorbs excessive force.
    • Provides value for money in the long run due to its sturdiness. 

    Protector skid products from EVERPADS have an improved wear resistance when contacted to uneven road surfaces. The durability is at a high level due to the sturdy material. 

    Save the crucial parts of your machine from massive damage and repair costs in the long-run. We have different types to meet your machine's specific needs. Ours is flexible and accessible to aid widespread usage. 

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