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About us

Everpads Co. was founded by Mr. Leo Chiang in 1995. He has been working on rubber type products for decades, especially on the Laminated wheels. He realized there's a lot of road construction machinery using "rubber" track pads, and came up with the idea of manufacturing them with his knowledge of rubber. The bolt-on track pads were invented by Mr. Leo Chiang. The brand new system is more stable, requiring less labor time to change it, and saving money in the long term, which won the applause from all the company. More and more competitors then following us with the same pattern.

Business philosophy

Everpads has set up branches all over the world as follows: U.S.A. (1996), China (2002) and Holland (2006). We like to provide our best service and supply the most reliable products to every customer.

Our current product lines are various from, rubber/poly track pads, sprockets, rollers, Idlers, buffer rubbers, cutting tools, and conveyor belts, etc.  Mr. Leo once said, " Tell me the name of your machine, and I can provide you all the spare parts."

Everpads is a well vertical integrated team, and its logo has been spreading worldwide. With over 20-Years of manufacturing experience, customers rely us on the quality and the customized availability. OEMs are satisfied working with us, and they count on us for our steady and worldwide supply chain. Furthermore, we built the dealership in Korea, Australia, India, and Vietnam, etc.

"We are the world-leading machinery parts manufacturer."

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