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Shock Absorption System


  • Rubber: The key technology solution (Formula E) of EVERPADS's rubber is controlling the rubber temperature at 68 ℃ or 154.4 ℉. The Formula E  solution prevents the rubber from aging and reduces service life, increasing 3 times more service life than other brands. Our client won't worry about shortening service life when a high vibrating frequency is required. 
  • Steel plate: The rubber buffer's steel plate is the only contact point with your machine. Steel plates must be capable in every server environment. EVERPADS rubber buffer steel plate had been heating, electroplating, and anti-corrosion treatment to handle every severe construction environment
  • Mounting hole: Using reinforced steel material, the mounting hole is not easy to deform or break.
  • Adhesive: After strong sandblasting and three gluing treatments, the steel plates are guaranteed not to peel off from the rubber.
  • Customize: If there is a specific case that we probably don’t carry the rubber buffer to fit your machine. Don't worry. Just fill out the dimension in the spec form, and we will reach you out soon.
  • OEM Solution: Value added to your services.
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