Discover the Success Story of Hesheng with EVERPADS' Milling Teeth: A Journey of Cost Savings and Quality

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      Look no further. We bring to you an inspiring story of Hesheng's journey with EVERPADS, a tale of triumph against the challenges of high maintenance costs.

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Company overview:
  • Client Name: Mr. Ga
  • Company: Hesheng Road Construction
  • Industry: Road Milling and Construction
  • Buyer Persona: Construction
Product Details:
  • Machine Type: W100 Milling Machines
  • Product Used: EVERPADS's Gen-E T6 Milling Teeth
  • Milling Condition: Extremely Hard AC in Taiwan



The Challenge:

The High Price of Authenticity:The Impact of Original Parts on Hesheng's Bottom Line

Hesheng Road Construction, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ga, faced a pressing challenge.
They required premium quality spare parts without the hefty price tag. This was vital to boost the profitability of their business,which was under strain due to mounting maintenance costs.
The use of only original replacement parts was denting their profit margins. This resulted in
significant financial pressure on the business. As Mr. Ga puts it, the maintenance costs could take up to a whopping 30% of their business operations. The heart of the matter? The high demanding wear parts - Milling Teeth.

The Solution:

The Game-Changing Solution for Hesheng's Milling Dilemma


The answer lay in EVERPADS's Gen-E T6 Milling Teeth. These milling teeth are not just a cost-effective solution but also high in performance.
Mr. Ga testifies, "When testing the Gen-E T6 milling teeth, we were not expecting the performance would be the same as the original brand milling teeth, but it exceeded our expectations."


The Outcome:

Hesheng Celebrates a 40% Cost Reduction with EVERPADS

The results? A staggering 40% decrease in Milling Machine replacement costs. Mr. Ga proudly states, "With the help of EVERPADS premium spare parts, we were able to save 40% on costs. Their milling machine parts were undervalued compared to the parts' service life, not only in price but also in performance."


Dive Deeper:

Details of Hesheng's Success Story with EVERPADS

To understand the intricacies of this success story and the immense value that EVERPADS brought to Hesheng, we invite you to download the comprehensive case study.
This document will provide a detailed look into the challenges faced by Hesheng, the solutions provided by EVERPADS, and the remarkable results achieved.

What our clients say

The Gen-E T6 series can mill an average of 6,500-7,000 square meters. We have tested inseveral road projects, Mostly the hard AC in Taiwan, the milling teeth require high standards to fulfill the demanding task," said Hesheng owner, Mr. Ga. "When testing the Gen-E T6 millingteeth, we were not expecting the performance would be the same as the original brandmilling teeth, but it exceeded our expectations.

- Mr. Ga, Founder, Hesheng LTD CO.
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