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To achieve even spreading of the asphalt material, EVERPADS auger blades are manufactured using the best quality of steel, so they can stand the test of time. You can find all kinds of auger blades and connecting auger blades under this category, our parts are suitable for most notable brands and customizable too. 

The listings in this category have complete dimensions and diverse standards to match different paver brands. It can cut through different surfaces including extreme settings.  

No matter the needs of the conveyor system of a paver, the EVERPADS auger blade can ensure a long lifespan and good abrasion ability. 

Our experts can customize auger blades that ensure the spiral parameters meet the requirements of the anti-segregation and uniformity of the paved pavement.


Key Features

  • Made of high-quality carbide steel and alloy to withstand high operation requirements. Prevents cracking and breaking. 

  • EVERPADS auger blade uses 20% above a high chromium alloy to operate.

  • It's specially heat-treated, featuring HRC 55 of hardness, which includes an outstanding wear resistance. 

  • Our high-quality auger blade features extremely precise casting. 

  • Easy to install, thereby preventing parts mismatch. 

  • No matter the requirements of your paver’s power allocation, the spiral power is built to function accordingly (our experts offer customized products to meet unique demands). 

  • To meet the required paving rate of the paver, it is uniquely designed with a high spiral speed for better performance during operation.



EVERPADS is a renowned auger blade manufacturer in the heavy equipment industry, we provide a large selection of cost-effective auger blades for pavers