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Laminated Wheel

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All laminated wheels from EVERPADS feature 100% natural rubber with a special rubber compound, and can be customized to fit most industrial and commercial purposes. Our laminated wheel products never fall off, it provides supreme quality for longevity. The continuous high-standard laminations that wound over standard macerated centers produce more excellent resistance to fraying[JF1] . This results in more impact strength that is higher than the conventional laminated wheels.


  • The manufacturing process comprises 100% natural rubber. 
  • The material used to produce the steel ring is mainly alloy steel material. 
  • A proper production process that enhances the rubber adhesion due to the electroplating anti-rust treatment. 
  • A properly done sandblasting treatment that ensures the colloid is put in place without falling off. EVERPADS combination with the key technology formula E makes it your profitable choice. 
  • The formula E solution of EVERPADS rubber wheel controls the rubber temperature at 63℃ / 145.4℉,  This keeps the tire from aging and losing property capacity(tearing strength and abrasion resistance) too quickly. It also extends the wheel life span.
  • Test with pulling test: it can bear 800kn, increasing 54% of strength from the last version.


Anti-aging Rubber technology

Formula E 

EVERPADS applies our proprietary, advanced technologies, Formula E, to our rubber track pads. It slows down the rubber's aging and fatigue speed, maintain the temperature at 63 ℃ or 145.4 ℉, which results in a longer service life and remaining excellent properties capabilities during the on heavy-duty construction project.




The special compound of rubber that produces excellent absorption capabilities, protects your undercarriage system and enhances the operator's experience. High-grade manufacturing is designed to provide better traction and agility.


Extensive surface treatment

Reliable rubber and steel connection with multi-treatment ensure the long service life


Multi-treatment surfaces provides peak adhesive between the rubber and steel for heavy-machine wheels. This ensures movement consistency.


  • Cold Milling Machine
  • Road Roller
  • Hydraulic aerial cage
  • Heavy-duty Machine

Our laminated wheels are durable, no matter the capacity they take upon operation. While it fits into most major brands, it can also fit into cutters that use laminated wheels. All laminated wheel products from EVERPADS are ruggedly constructed and can provide years of problem-free service. 

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