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Polyurethane Track Pads

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No matter your machine's load capacity, the Polyurethane Pad from EVERPADS is up to the task, even if it is above 80,000 pounds. 
The tensile strength of the poly pad products from EVERPADS is extremely high. There is a large selection of pads for multiple applications to choose from, that work in, not only cold milling machines, but in other industry-related machines as well. 
The Polyurethane Track Pad has some unique performance factors that make it ideal for incredibly strong and structural backing in any construction machine.

Features and key benefits of Polyurethane Track Pad include:

  • Long-lasting and thicker pads compared to other conventional polyurethane pad products.    
  • A cutting-edge technology that features a Chamfer edge patent design that optimizes advanced quality and steering agility.
  • The cost-efficient pricing, which favors construction companies. 
  • It's simple installation and removal, thanks to the bolt-on design it features. 
  • Poly pad products have a service life operation of over 1600 hours due to the high percentage of tear and abrasion resistance. 
  • The high-quality standards assure safer and more reliable productivity. The polyurethane pad products from EVERPADS are tested by SGS third party certifications.

To create good texture and high utilization against the surface, our hardness ranges from 90-95 HRC. 
No matter the condition of the environment, be assured of a continuous driving force.

Long-lasting and thicker


A high standard of raw material selection with EVERPADS manufacturing capability enhances the hardness, tearing strength and abrasion resistance. This performance provides up to 1600 working hours of service life.


cutting-edge technology

EVERPADS meticulously designed chamfer edge optimizes an advanced quality and steering agility to overcome rugged road surfaces. This helps to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and makes it possible to handle intense construction projects. EVERPADS is truly the next choice of your undercarriage track pads.

Impossibly Durable

Our built-in plate patent design, significantly enhances the adhesive force that provides mechanical engineer structures in preventing unexpected breakage at each track pad.

bolt-on TRACK PADS

It provides a more straightforward installation and cost-efficient solution, thanks to the bolt-on design it features. 

Support frame

Featured engineering structured support frames substantially increases the strength of track pads, as well as preventing any deformation. 


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