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EVERPADS Formula E Rubber Buffer for Vibratory Hammer

The Formula E Rubber Buffer series retrofits vibratory hammers to operate in deep founda- tions. Our buffers feature low-heat rubber technology with tear-resistant rubber com- pounds for intense driving or extracting work.
Gain up to 3x the service life.
- 3x the service life than standards
- Customizes maximum driving/extracting force based on need
- 6 adhesive treatments to prevent unexpected rupture
- 3 reinforced treatment steel plates for your harshest work projects


Rubber Fatigue Testing
Rubber Fatigue Testing
Fatigue testing evaluates the ability of our rubber elastomers to withstand repeated stresses and strains, ensuring that they can perform effectively over an extended period.
Tear Resistance Test
We also conduct rubber pulling tests to assess the tear resistance capability of our rubber elastomers. This testing allows us to ensure that our products meet the highest standards for tear resistance, providing maximum protection against wear and tear.
Shear Force Testing
We conduct sheer force testing to evaluate the extracting force of our rubber elasto- mers, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements of our clients' applications. By conducting these comprehensive testing procedures, we can provide our customers with the assurance that our rubber elasto- mers are capable of performing effectively under even the most demanding conditions.

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    • The time it takes from initial communication to product launch is merely 1 MONTH. EVER- PADS saves our clientele time and money. We are the manufacturer with the best technolo- gy that allows our clients to be #1.
    • Rolling Out Ready Designs
    • Your unique vibratory hammer/compactor requires unique solutions and that is exactly what you'll get with our ODM solutions.