Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO: Balancing Cost, Efficiency, and Milling Results with Everpads' Premium Spare Parts

    • About Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO

      An in-depth exploration into how Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO.,

    • a forerunner in the construction industry, transformed its asphalt milling operations through the innovative solutions provided by EVERPADS.

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Company overview:
  • Client Name: Mr. Su
  • Company: Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO.
  • Industry: Construction
  • Buyer Persona: A visionary leader in the asphalt manufacturing
  • and pavement services sector, Mr. Su consistently seeks innovative
  • avenues to maintain a balance between cost-effectiveness and
  • operational excellence.
Product Use Case
  • Machine Type: W250
  • Product Used: T7WH Milling Teeth, EV Poly Track Pads, X-type Track
  • Chain, Protector Skid & Conveyor Unit
  • Milling Condition: Medium hardness asphalt cement that frequently
  • demanded milling teeth replacements.


The Challenge:

Balancing Cost and Efficiency in a Competitive Landscape

Operating in a fiercely competitive construction industry, Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO.faced the daunting
task of maintaining cost-effectiveness while ensuring optimal operational efficiency. The frequent need
for milling teeth replacements, due to the medium-hardness of the asphalt cement they predominantly
worked with, added to the complexity of their challenges.

The Solution:

Leveraging EVERPADS' Premium Spare Parts for Optimal Performance


  • T7WH Milling Teeth: Designed for durability and efficiency, these teeth allowed for effective milling of medium-hardness asphalt cement, reducing the frequency of replacements and boosting operational efficiency.
  • EV Poly Track Pads: Demonstrating extraordinary endurance, these track pads operated flawlessly beyond 1,260 working hours, ensuring machines were always ready for action and reducing downtime.
  • X-type Track Chains: These chains brought enhanced stability and operational efficiency to the milling machines, ensuring they remained robust even under challenging road conditions.
  • Protector Skid: By optimizing wear material and thickness, the life of the skids on Da Lian's W250 machines was extended, leading to increased productivity and reduced maintenance intervals.
  • Conveyor Units: Essential for maintaining the milling machines in top condition, these units ensured Da Lian could complete projects more rapidly and efficiently, while also minimizing machine wear and tear.
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     By integrating these high-quality spare parts from EVERPADS, Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO. was able to revolutionize their operations, tackling challenges head-on and maintaining a competitive edge in the construction industry.



The Outcome:

Elevated Operations and a Competitive Edge

The results of the partnership with EVERPADS were nothing short of transformative:Drastic reductions in downtime and maintenance costs.Enhanced operational efficiency leading to quicker project completions.A strengthened bond with EVERPADS, ensuring a reliable supply of top-tier spare parts.


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What our clients say

EVERPADS has considerably improved the efficiency and reliability of our asphalt milling machines. Their superior spare parts and exemplary customer support have enabled us to reduce downtime and maintenance costs while elevating our overall operations. We trust EVERPADS for all our spare parts needs and anticipate a lasting partnership.

Mr.Su, Operation Manager, Da Lian Asphalt LTD CO.
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