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The structure of the EVERPADS screed plate is metallographic. To ensure the quality and density of the asphalt road, our screed plates are uniquely made to match the operation of various pavers. 

With the incorporation of advanced technology during its production, the screed plate in this category has new features that boost the lifespan of the pavement. It improves the functionality of pavers especially in maximizing pre-compaction with the paver. 

Produces high impact performance due to high-grade wear-resistant steel plate features, thereby increasing quality in the graded asphalt pavements. EVERPADS screed plate can attain 90% density behind the paver while reducing wear and cracks on the rollers. 

Our Screed Plates are usable for immediate replacement of OEM screed plates, with new technology that aids easy installation.


Key Features and Advantages 

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials such as Chrome alloy, with Manganese, Molybdenum, Niobium, and Nickel to achieve an anti-wear layer. 

  • The fiber direction is perpendicular to the surface, enabling the carbides in the metallographic structure to distribute industriously. 

  • Features a carbide micro hardness that's up to HV1700-2000 and above. Even in high temperatures, the alloy carbide remains stable. 

  • The surface hardness can reach up to HRc58-62, for better functionality. 

  • Its alloy properties are tougher than all traditional screed plate materials. 

  • Capable of sustaining high antioxidant performance and high hardness level during operation can be fully functional within 500℃.


Aiming for fewer replacements? Cost-effectively reduce operation downtime with EVERPADS high performing screed plate.