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EVERPADS conveyor chains are designed precisely for the chain conveyor systems of pavers. They are made of high-quality steel and are heat-treated to uphold heavy loads and high pressure while providing the best wear resistance. 
 Pavers need a high-quality conveyor chain to perform neat asphalt jobs as it needs traction and effective movement of materials during operation. 
Easy installation due to the accurate spacing between chain links. The creation process meets the highest standards of production and can perform without shattering pebbles into the foundations. 
No matter your asphalt paver structure form, sloth width, and carrying capacity, EVERPADS equipment experts can customize an adaptable one for you. Its anti-wear properties are present even during consistent high-stress operations. 
No matter the high shock loads and harsh conditions, EVERPADS conveyor chains are reliable to perform excellently, this ensures fewer unplanned stops.


Key Features and Advantages

  • Made with high-quality materials including abrasion-resistant steel, to ensure long-lasting operation. 
  • The pre-assembled part contains two conveyor chains with scrapers, bolts, and closed-loop connectors. 
  • Chain links are connected in sequence by pins and axial fasteners.
  • Being among the most vital parts of pavers. It is built to perform regular and accurate distribution of asphalt. 
  • Consists of chain links that are welded and combined with a chain rod and a scraper.


  • Paver
Our conveyor chains are composed of closed-loop fittings to ensure it stays put during operation, it guarantees even asphalt mass transportation.