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Return roller-Products from EVERPADS represent excellent rubber material and stable steel structure to ensure a long service life even under high loading pressure. 

Our return rollers can stand the test of time with an extremely low rolling resistance, including offering low operator costs due to the manufacturing process. It consists of high-quality alloy steel that helps to boost durability, especially under high operation needs.  

 It features self-aligning idler rollers to simplify the work of conveyor belts. The return idlers with rubber have been designed in a way that it can provide smooth transit of bulk materials and their applications. 

The positioning of return rollers for the conveyor system can help eliminate the scales that build upon the belt surface(especially in extreme conditions). 

It is adaptable to unique layouts and production processes to meet the needs of cold planer machines. Can attain the precision of the belt due to its ability to optimize the rolling curve.

Key Features:

  • Patented heavy-duty rubber that includes a special adhesive technology to boost its lifespan and more stress absorption. 

  • Stable operation is guaranteed due to the nine support bars it features. 

  • No adhesion of the asphalt as it's shaped with an open design principle. 

  • Performs well in severe conditions without deforming due to its strict intrinsic structure. 

  • To ensure effective performance, we guarantee high precision and the best operation tolerance.


The Return Roller in this listing relates to the cold planer.