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EVERPADS support rollers are built with high-quality material to boost the performance of the conveyor system in cold planer machines. Our rollers are of high grade and have a wear-resistant surface to ensure easy assembly and disassembly. 
It can be dimensioned by our machine experts to fit according to the aspects of each conveyor.  Constructed to meet a great variety of cold planer needs during construction.
For the application of cold milling machines, it has long-term sufficient durability without failure. It improves the section of the belt that is subject to constant vibration/oscillation. 
EVERPADS support rollers can meet high material transportation while being low in power consumption. it withstands the pressures exacted by both belt tension and conveyed load.
When mounted, it can create corners that enhance flexibility around the workspace. Its structure delivers more belt support and deters groove deformation. 


Key Features

  • Very effective, when operating in the severest working conditions. 
  • Made with high-quality metals to ensure low-friction circulation of the conveyor belts. 
  • Features detachable connections to make changing roller a simple task.
  • EVERPADS support rollers are easily attachable with a plow groove to ensure the idle conveyor capacity. 
  • Our support rollers minimize damage to the belt. 
  • Boosts the drive traction of the rollers to avoid belt slippage.


  • Cold Planer

With our support rollers, you are assured of a more productive and safer working environment. Our quality Support Roller will excite original equipment manufacturers.