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Milling drum accessories from EVERPADS are a top grade for maximum performance of a milling machine (planer). 
The ejectors in this listing are all wear-resistant to prolong their service life. It features a well-designed shape that effectively removes the road material during operation. It enhances production while decreasing the cost of operation. 
EVERPADS’ ejectors are strong enough to withstand many abrasive attacks before wearing out, built for proper positioning and alignment to achieve perfect discharge performance. Wear surfaces can be reversed to extend its lifespan (lookout for the worn-out surface on the carrier and reverse). 
Our ejectors also feature a mounting receptacle to ease replacement and are built for easy reception of most milling machines to maximize productivity.


Key features:

  • All EVERPADS ejectors are forged from high-quality steel on both surfaces, featuring extended service life compared to other ejectors.
  • Can be easily fixed to the milling drum with screws. 
  • Features hard machining materials (40 HRC-44 HRC), with improved tool rotation. 
  • Easily facilitates the transportation of non-useful materials from the milling drum chamber to the conveyor belt that sends the residue.
  • Width and height are built to stay equal to the groove during operation. 
  • Facilitates less wear to other units, e.g cutting components and milling drum tubes.


  • The ejectors in this listing relate to the milling machine(planer)

All EVERPADS' ejectors are tested under stringent quality tryouts to exceed performance expectations.