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Milling Drum

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The milling drum from EVERPADS enhances the optimum use of a cold planer's potential. The intellectual manufacture technology processes can manufacture the precise and quality of milling drum's tool spacing up to 3mm. There's a variety of Milling Drum for Cold Planer in this category. 

We have different ranges that depend on the tool spacing and the maximum milling depth of the machines. 


Key Features and Benefits

  • It can easily cut and break out particles(materials) from the compound. 

  • High welding strength and slow deformation and stress corrosion. 

  • Better milling flatness with accurate angle, depth, and geometry to meet specific machine needs. 

  • Easy transportation of particles to the tract of the ejector. 

  • Can meet enormous demands on large volume operations. 


EVERPADS have different milling drums for specific purposes, the products under this category are: 

  • Standard milling drum: mostly used for removal of surface.

  • Micro-fine milling drum: For increased surface grip for large profile demands including roughening road surfaces. It is also easier for road markings removal. 

  • ECO Cutter: good for concrete milling work. 

  • Fine milling drum: accurate in corrective milling 

The Milling Drum for Cold Planer from EVERPADS can effectively eject removed particles into the loading conveyor. No matter the thickness of the surface, it can level, smoothen it to a full-depth removal. While it easily adapts to any road conditions, its performance during operation is of a high standard. 

Our milling drum features a patented tool holder, forging craft, and is properly heat-treated to meet industry standards. 



Intellectual Manufacture Process

Road construction companies face more and more challenges today. Our unique, newly designed milling drum provides outstanding performance that adapts to any road conditions. With advance manufacture processes, a robotic welding arm assists in setting the best angle and the most precision alignment, aiming to bring optimal flatness when milling the road. We meet the diversity of our customers’ demands and frequently exceed their expectations.


Welding is conducted by an imported robotic arm and is computerized. Delivering strict endurance, accuracy, and a precise positioning angle, an EVERPADS’ milling drum is your best choice.



A well-aligned tool holder is the reason that Everpads has superior milling material collecting efficiency. The waste material collecting board is made of anti-wear material and a large surface design. This ensures that waste material is entirely removed from the milling chamber and keeps the milled road surface clean.


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