Scraper Blades For Asphalt Milling Machine

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The Scraper Blades products from EVERPADS are made of Tungsten Carbide Particles. The carbide-tipped scrapers are used to smooth the milled surfaces. It does this by shearing off the higher asphalt ridges. 

It can fit into the most notable brands for hauling, loading, and dumping applications, and is capable of handling high-volume earthmoving to surface preparation on site. 

We use the highest-grade tungsten carbide as our raw material for the blade tooltip. This provides a high abrasive resistance. The body is made of alloy steel, one of the highest grades of steel, with incredible hardness.

Key Benefits 

  • Features incredible welding properties and high wear resistance.

  • Professionally engineered for tear-outs.

  • Provides significant impact resistance for high-demanding asphalt milling projects.

  • Features wear-resisting welded layers. 

  • Provides even distribution to ensure easy contact with the surface. 



The listings under the EVERPADS Scraper Blades are strong enough to handle the toughest tire outs. We have options available to fit standard scraper tools, depending on the application. 

They can easily cut through adhesives and are adaptable to all types of flooring. They are suitable for abatement, rehabilitation, and tear outs. They're manufactured to keep material jams in the clasp, allowing uninterrupted strokes for a longer period. 

They outperform other blades and can be sharpened to meet high functionality.


During mining operations, our scraper blades are designed to perform well in wet or dry soil.

Our scraper blade products are particularly conformed to heavier soils or other tough substances, and its efficiency benefit increases even further in those conditions.