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World-renowned EVERPADS excavator rubber pads continue to set industry standards as premium spare parts for road construction machinery without the premium cost. Our decades of expertise in high-performance rubber products and the latest technology provide track pads with outstanding durability, performance, and significant cost savings.

EVERPADS rubber pads offer increased stability during operations with bolt-on to direct-to-chain pad options used for excavators and other equipment requiring flexibility, such as paving clean outer side tracks.

Designing for Heavy Excavator

EVERPADS E22 rubber track pads are the best for excavators and other steel track shoes. Our engineers maintain strict quality control from raw material selection to the manufacturing and assembling process. 

We have it available in an extensive range of sizes. Depending on your machine needs, we can customize a high-quality rubber pad for your excavator. By applying Formula E, we efficiently secure the rubber pad via low heat generation to prevent your rubber pad from quick damage. 

E22 excavator rubber pad products are produced from premium quality, tear, and abrasion-resistant rubber, using refined production methods and advanced technology processes.

They are easily fitted to help maximize the machine upkeep time while minimizing labor costs. Whether you have a 2-ton or 25-ton heavy excavator machine, our rubber pad products can fit in. They are all properly vulcanized to meet high standards. 

Why EVERPADS excavator rubber track pads?

  • The E22 formula rubber track pad work on all road conditions, including rugged surfaces and harsh environments.

  • Our advanced cut-resistant rubber molecular structure keeps the pads intact—despite sharp object scrapes, ground movement, soil types, and water issues—making our track pads superior to the ones currently in the market. 

  • Our rubber pad technology offers preventive measures to eliminate and minimize excavation hazards. 

  • With the most extensive range of specs for rubber track pads, EVERPADS designs track pads to fit every customer's needs. 


EVERPADS, the worldwide rubber pads leader, first designed bolt-on track pads to help our customers save on substantial maintenance costs. Our rubber pad technology offers preventive measures to eliminate and minimize excavation hazards. With the most extensive range of specs for rubber track pads, EVERPADS designs rubber track pads to fit every customer's needs. 

Here are five reasons that make us the market leader with construction owners and why you'll want to use our track pads for your upcoming construction projects:

You want to extend the life of your excavation machinery.

Our customers get 3x the service life or up to 5,000 working hours with our rubber track pads.

You prefer track pads that survive the most extreme conditions because they are cut- and tear-resistant

EVERPADS' proprietary rubber formula boosts longevity for excavation projects.

You need every component of the rubber track pad to address your excavation jobs' toughest challenges

No facet of our rubber track pads is too small for EVERPADS' advanced technology, improving the fine details for better outcomes.

You strive to gain more cost-efficiencies.

We first invented bolt-on track pads specifically for operators to streamline installation and gain cost savings.

You seek a perfect fit alternative to bolt-on track pads not compatible with your excavators

When your excavator machinery isn’t compatible with bolt-on track pads, chain-on rubber track pads serve as an optimal alternative, adding protection against abrasive surfaces and benefiting operators with less downtime.

View these featured benefits in more detail and find your machine's availability. 

EVERPADS is the preferred OEM manufacturer for over 80 percent of the world's construction machinery. 

Please get in touch with us for immediate assistance if you cannot find your machine/model in the Finder’s drop-down menus.

Features of EVERPADS Rubber Pad


Longer Service Life Span: Formula E Technology

EVERPADS applies Formula E, one of our proprietary core technologies, to our rubber track pads, slowing down the rubber's aging (fatigue) speed. This technology results in longer service life and maintains excellent properties capabilities, especially for intense extracting construction projects.

Rubber Particles

E22 Special Rubber Compound: Extreme tear- and cut-resistant strength

EVERPADS uses a specially developed rubber formula for excavator applications, delivering excellent capabilities where the rubber molecular structure can resist sharp objects and rough road surfaces.


Superior Moving Experience: Patent Chamfer Edge Design

EVERPADS optimizes its track pad chamfer edge with a meticulous design, advancing the quality and steering agility to overcome rugged road surfaces. The chamfer feature helps excavators avoid unnecessary wear and tear and enables them to handle the most complex construction projects. Additionally, our chamfer design offers on-site protection against close contact.


Extreme Durable: Patent Support Frame and Built-in Steel plate

Impossibly Durable

EVERPADS rubber track pads, as a premier choice for the excavator undercarriage parts, provide extreme durability, a patented support frame, and a built-in steel plate—all engineered to substantially increase the strength of track pads and prevent any deformation.


Cost-Efficiency Solution: Bolt-on Excavator Track Pads

EVERPADS first invented bolt-on track pads, providing a more straightforward installation and cost-efficient solution. Our bolt-on track pads for excavators provide stability for operators who work on railroad construction or other rugged road surfaces.

Support frame

A Perfect Fit when Bolt-on Pads are Incompatible: Chain-on Track Pads

Chain-on track pads, another popular track pad type, include the rubber part molded together with the steel plate. These are optimal when bolt-on pads are incompatible with your excavators.  We also provide 500mm chain-on excavator rubber track pads for larger machines, including Cat, Volvo, Hitachi, and other brand excavators.

Please get in touch with us for immediate assistance if you cannot find your machine/model in the Finder’s drop-down menus.


Our rubber pads are designed to fit the following:

  • Pavers

  • Asphalt milling machine

  • Excavators

  • Other steel-tracked vehicles