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The grousers from EVERPADS increases the traction of heavy machines. The production process maximizes hardness and reliability, making it easy to directly engage the ground. Its contact with the ground is intense compared to others. The grouser products from EVERPADS can also function effectively on soft surfaces such as soil or snow. 
Ours can easily push, rip or pull through any surface (rock, sand, or debris). With our grouser products, there is no slowness in giving the machine the traction it needs.

Key Benefits 

  • Can withstand the most abrasive environments. 
  • High-quality steel bar to extend the life of the shoe. 
  • Additional height for added traction
  • Available in different sizes to adjust to any tracked machine from the largest excavators down to the lesser bulldozers.
  • Proper heat treatment for difficult deformation. 

Get a cost-efficient way to approach undercarriage maintenance using grouser products from EVERPADS. Most construction environments are abrasive, but our products can reduce the defective rate of other undercarriages, thereby prolonging the life of the undercarriage. 
It can easily be welded into a unique shape to fit into worn track pad surfaces. They are designed to conform to, or even surpass, the hardness and strength of the original track shoe.

Advanced Technology

Our grousers can easily be implemented on the surface of the wheels on tractors, they can also take the form of flat plates or bars. 
From the production process, the steel is cut-to-length and separately heat treated for uniform through-hardness(20 points harder than conventional ones).


  • Dozer
  • Paver
  • Excavator
  • Cold Milling Machine