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Why EVERPADS rubber track pads for asphalt pavers?

Our E15 rubber track pads for asphalt pavers—renowned worldwide—manage high-temperature and viscous particles in asphalt paving construction, making them especially optimal for heavier machinery and the harshest environments. 

Based on EVERPADS' proprietary Formula E technology, our track pads' increased load capacity molecular structure provides higher stability to perform more smooth paving operations.

5 Ways EVERPADS Leads the Industry in Rubber Track Pads for Asphalt Pavers

EVERPADS, the worldwide rubber pads leader, first designed bolt-on track pads to help our customers save on substantial maintenance costs. Plus, we offer the most extensive range of specs for rubber track pads to fit every customer's needs.  

For asphalt pavers,  rubber track pads require a more sophisticated rubber compound to provide your paver with extended service life. 

Our E15 formula sets EVERPADS apart—offering superior materials, design, and functionality to address North America's most common construction activities, including road surface work. Here are advantages:

1. You want to increase the service life span of your asphalt pavers.

Our rubber track pads provide up to 2,000 working hours to your machinery’s service life because of our formula compound.

2. Prefer consistent asphalt applications, preventing premature issues such as cracking, depressions, and more. 

EVERPADS E15 formula resists sticky asphalt particles and heat surfaces, allowing for smooth asphalt layers.

3. You demand advanced functionality to guard against unnecessary wear and tear, especially with complex projects.

EVERPADS optimizes its track pad chamfer edge with a meticulous design, advancing the quality and steering agility to overcome rugged road surfaces. 

4. You seek more cost efficiencies with your asphalt pavers. 

We first invented bolt-on track pads specifically for operators to streamline installation and gain cost savings.

5. You require a perfect fit alternative to bolt-on pads incompatible with your asphalt pavers.

When your pavers aren’t compatible with bolt-on track pads, chain-on rubber track pads are an optimal alternative with added protection and less downtime.



Longer Service Life Span: Over 2,000 working hours

EVERPADS applies Formula E, one of our proprietary core technologies, to our rubber track pads, slowing down the rubber's aging (fatigue) speed, which results in longer service life and maintains excellent properties capabilities during heavy-duty construction projects.

Rubber Particles

E15 Special Rubber Compound: Extreme heat- and oil-resistant

EVERPADS uses a specially developed rubber formula E15 for asphalt paver applications, delivering excellent capabilities where the rubber molecular structure can resist sticky asphalt particles and heat surfaces.


Superior Moving Experience: Patent Chamfer Edge Design

EVERPADS optimizes its track pad chamfer edge with a meticulous design, advancing the quality and steering agility to overcome rugged road surfaces. The chamfer feature helps asphalt pavers avoid unnecessary wear and tear and enables them to handle the most complex construction projects. Additionally, our chamfer design offers on-site protection against close contact.


Extreme Durable: Patent Support Frame and Built-in Steel plate

EVERPADS rubber track pads, as a premier choice for the excavator undercarriage parts, provide extreme durability, a patented support frame, and a built-in steel plate—all engineered to substantially increase the strength of track pads and prevent any deformation.


Cost-Efficiency Solution: Bolt-on Paver Track Pads

EVERPADS first invented bolt-on track pads, providing a more straightforward installation and cost-efficient solution. Our bolt-on track pads for excavators provide stability for operators who work on railroad construction or other rugged road surfaces.

Support frame

A Perfect Fit when Bolt-on Pads are Incompatible: Chain-on Track Pads

Chain-on track pads, another popular track pad type, include the rubber part molded together with the steel plate. These are optimal when bolt-on pads are incompatible with your paver.  We also provide 300mm chain-on paver rubber track pads for most machines, including Vogele, Dynapac, Volvo, and other brand pavers.

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