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Belt rollers and guide rollers from EVERPADS provide maximum performance and high reliability of all conveyor system components during a performance. Prevents spillage, belt, and structural damage due to the durable properties it is made of. It decreases downtime during operation even in the toughest condition. 

They are ruggedly built to properly align conveyor parts and other components with their tracks during operation. EVERPADS rollers are designed with high-quality rubber seals that are superior to regular ones that recirculate ball guides. 

Working in a corrosive environment builds debris, the belt roller and guide roller can help to naturally wipe them away from tracks. EVERPADS rollers are directly vulcanized to enhance durability and support for the conveyor belt edge compared to non-rubber-coated rollers.

The manufacturing process ensures a proper positioning that helps to reduce the build-up of elements, thereby eliminating the issue of belt mistracking.

Key Features

  • Guide rollers in this category ensure stable operation and assist in centering the conveyor belt. 

  • No matter how rigorous the environment is, the EVERPADS belt and guide rollers provide accurate guidance. 

  • Suitable for consistent use to increase conveying output. 

  • They are made with a special rubber compound that has a low abrasion flow, making them more wear-resistant. 

  • Expertly built to secure directional stability under corrosive site situations. 

  • Helpful in decreasing frictional resistance of the conveyor no matter the environment.


  • Conveyor system in the cold planer.

EVERPADS Belt Roller & Guide Roller are designed to match different notable brands of a cold planer.