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CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 ─ U.S. Las Vegas

The triennial Las Vegas CONEXPO is the largest road machinery exhibition in North America, that attracts large crowds
from various regions, such as Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, Europe and etc. Major manufacturers exhibit the
most innovative road machinery of the year. This year, Everpads carried the latest undercarriage system, as well as the
various relative products, such as cutting tools and buffer rubbers. The branch is famous with the high-quality material,
and the technology of heat-resistance rubbers.


IMG_2314 (1)

The novel undercarriage system is composed of a track chain assembly, sprocket, idler, and track rollers. There are two
types of materials on the track pads: rubber and polyurethane. The rubber track pad has a high coefficient of friction,
which improves the performance of the machine, and the material itself has low heat technology, preventing the rubber
track pads from aging, which is twice the average life of the rubber track pads on the market. The material properties of
the polyurethane rubber can evenly wear out so that the service life is significantly increased. Everpads has extremely
high requirements for steel products, with quality as the core value. Each finished product is processed by forging, which
has better physical properties than castings. Among them, the brand-new bearing system has been used for track rollers
and idlers and the new floating oil seal is designed to seal the lubricating oil inside completely. Everpads' shock-absorbing
buffer rubbers are world-renowned, and also shows the comprehensiveness of our specifications during the exhibition.
Everpads is confident that they can provide perfect service for all kinds of machine in the market.



Everpads insists on exploring the global market and demonstrates the strength of Everpads to North American and
global customers with the most advanced products and services in the industry, hoping to bring better products in the
future with more comprehensive, excellent quality, and services. This exhibition was very successful, and we are excited to
see you again in 3 years!



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