How Formula E Technology for Rubber Track Pads Extends Spare Parts Lifespan

02. Dec. 2022

With U.S. highway and road construction forecasted to increase 43% in the next four years, rubber track pads for heavy machinery are vital for all road types. In addition, heavy machinery must often work in harsh environments to accomplish project objectives. Since rubber track pads are the essential parts of the undercarriage system, owners and operators will want to know why track pad technology is key to performance and operational costs. 


In this post, we specifically address EVERPADS' proprietary Formula E—the technology in our rubber track pads that extends the service life up to 2x more than other brands on the market, and offer these added advantages:


  • Physical strength and tear-resistance properties for heavy machinery that cause rubber track pads to become brittle, tear, and lose strength, such as tensile strength

  • Advanced traction and shock absorption capabilities to protect machines on construction projects with rough terrain (road surfaces)

  • Reduced downtime associated with ongoing maintenance that can be time-consuming and costly when replacing rubber track pads

  • Energy-savings because of heat resistance, using less energy to operate.

Below, we show the rubber anatomy and the property testing results that represent these achievements.


What is EVERPADS Formula E?


EVERPADS Formula E rubber technology is our advanced rubber formula that decreases temperature caused by internal molecular friction to extend the lifespan of the rubber. 

Our proprietary low heat generation technology prevents heat, causing significant compression in rubber track pads, from impacting the undercarriage of heavy machinery due to machine weight, vibration and external factors such as sunlight and high temperatures.


Controls Heat Temperature

Rubber testing, showing the heat-aging periods, reveals that aging and fatigue begin with high heat temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius. In contrast, Formula E rubber can effectively control the heat at 63-68 degrees Celsius.



Provides Energy-Savings

Formula E provides low-rolling resistance, saving your heavy machinery from wasting more energy. Our rubber track pads resist sources of heat, which means your machines require less energy to operate.

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Preserves Rubber Physical Strength

Rubber track pads on construction machinery working on various road conditions, including rugged surfaces, incur parallel dynamics that aid in track pads' premature failure and the need for early replacements. The pads' physical strength will continually decrease, and, over time, make pads brittle and quicker to break off. 


The benefit of EVERPADS Formula E rubber track pads is that its core technology maintains the pads' physical strength longer and slows the aging process to provide a consistent experience throughout the service life of the track pads. 


Why EVERPADS Formula E Rubber Track Pads Matter to your Heavy Equipment


EVERPADS supports and reinforces our customers' ability to complete their projects in the most efficient manner with quality-made spare parts. For this reason, we always use our proprietary Formula E rubber technology in all EVERPADS track pad products. 

We recognize that major barriers to any construction company's success result from low-quality spare parts and a lack of on-point solutions for heavy machinery. In recent years, these issues have increased because low-quality rubber pads have become more widely distributed, impacting the following:


Operational Efficiencies, supporting high-demand construction projects

In highly demanding construction projects, premature machinery failure causes your fleet frustration and downtime, making it a critical situation to avoid. For example, if your rubber pads are aged and brittle, when an asphalt paver works on sharp object surfaces and heat particles, the rubber pads will cut off, requiring new replacements. Operational time is precious, and your projects need the assurance of quality spare parts to support daily jobs.


Owner and operator experience

When rubber track pads start to get brittle due to the rubber aging, this also causes the moving experience to decrease in intensity as there is no elasticity to absorb shock and bumpy road surfaces. Formula E significantly preserves the rubber shock absorption and traction to maintain the best moving experience from day one to the last.


Cost-efficiency Solution, including Energy-Savings

Formula E rubber pads can extend rubber pads' service life by 1.5–2 times. However, if you're using low-quality rubber pads, you'll incur added costs to replace rubber track pads and lose time with idle machines. Replacement costs of rubber track pads can vary, costing $4,500–$8,000 on some machine types.  Additionally, you’ll gain cost savings through Formula E’s ability to resist heat sources, causing your machines to exert less energy and in turn, less fuel.

The Formula E Technology Recap


Formula E is the technology that helps rubber pads extend the property strength and life span to support your equipment in accomplishing hassle-free projects. More than 48,000 customers worldwide put their trust in EVERPADS Formula E rubber track pads because we know from decades of research and development that quality rubber track pads involve much more than the shape of pads installed on your machine.

Yet, Formula E technology is only one of many essential features that makes our rubber pads superior. In our upcoming blogs, we will discuss the unique rubber compounds specific to the various types of machines, including excavators, asphalt pavers, and cold planers.




Whether you use EVERPADS rubber track pads or something else, it has never been more important to have high-efficiency spare parts. So if you are ready to take your equipment to the next level in longevity and performance, please contact us to assist you today.