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EVERPADS Idler Roller


stable production quality, high wear resistance rate,oil tight, and smooth rotation.

Using imported roller oil for internal lubrication, which isreliable and good at cooling.

Forged structure, quenched and tempered.

Imported floating oil seals and sealing rings, increasing life span.

Imported bearing, with good rolling coefficient and generate no heat.


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    Idler Roller

    EVERPADS Idler Roller have a huge effect on the walking and working operation of cold milling machines, excavators, etc. Whether it's the front or rear of the undercarriage, our Idler roller products can effectively propel the machine forward and backward. During production, the quality control is strictly conducted by skilled engineers, from sourcing raw materials to professional forging. 
    Increase the crawler lifetime of your heavy equipment while preventing damage to the parts by using Idler roller products from EVERPADS. We offer a customizable set of undercarriage parts.
    To enhance the performance of cold milling machines, and excavators, our idlers feature sufficient stability. EVERPADS roller products are produced with high-quality casting steel, including a proper heat-treated surface. Compared to other idlers in the market, Idler roller products from EVERPADS can stand the test of time.



    • A state-of-the-art production process down to its internal lubrication. 
    • To add to its durability and cooling effectiveness, imported roller oil was used for its lubrication.
    • Idler roller products from EVERPADS are reliable and feature a forged structure. 
    • Imported floating oil seals and sealing rings aid in extending its life span. Heat generation is minimized to zero due to its imported bearing.

    Key Advantages

    • Ensures adequate tension of the track by preventing it from falling. 
    • Easily absorbs the impact of shock during usage. 
    • Keeps everything aligned, even in a challenging terrain due to its fitting sizable nature.
    • Proper lubrication to enhance performance under any working condition

    EVERPADS guarantees high-quality parts due to the thorough inspections our products go through. 


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