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Everpads Track Roller Introduction



Skill: We produce roller bearing type of track roller

I.  Normally it is made of 40Mn2 material, forging, machine process, followed byheat treatment.
The hardness of the wheel tread after intermediate frequencyquenching must increase to about 52 degrees HRC.

II. Axle of the track roller is 35 chromium molybdenum, after quenching treatment and finishing.

III. Using imported roller oil for internal lubrication, which is reliable and good at cooling.

IVImported floating oil seals and sealing rings, increasing life span.

V.  Imported bearing, with good rolling coefficient and generate no heat.

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  • E-generation Track Roller

    E-generation Track Roller

    Track Rollers from EVERPADS are made of 40Mn2 material, followed by heat treatment. Our track roller products come in different types and are properly machined to meet various heavy equipment needs. 
    It features top-notch technology in the center bearing cap design, which prevents oil leaking and, it also, increases the service life. The hardness after intermediate frequency quenching can increase to about 52 degrees HRC.
    We have friction welding and traditional welding rollers, which can be customized to meet your requirements and the accuracy of assembly dimensions. 
    The quench-tempering manufacturing process ensures excellent mechanical properties, increased load capacity, and superior anti-wear to bending and breakage.

    Advanced Technology 

    • Track roller axle features 35 chromium-molybdenum after the quenching treatment and finishing.

    • Imported bearing, with good rolling coefficient, featuring zero heat production. 

    • High-quality roller oil for internal lubrication, making it durable and effective in cooling.

    • High-security floating oil seals and sealing rings to boost life span.


    Track roller products from EVERPADS can effectively carry most of the heavy-duty road machine weight through the designed tracks to the ground. Prevent premature failure of the track and other undercarriage components using suitable track roller products from EVERPADS.


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