EVERPADS’s Rubber Laminated Wheels Technology

04. Aug. 2021


Undercarriage system for heavy machines requires a higher standard to keep them working well long term. A great laminated wheel is going to ensure your paver or cold milling machine continues working correctly. Therefore, you want to ensure that you choose the right rubber wheel for your paver or cold milling machine.

Read this article to know EVERPADS laminated wheels should be the value equipment you purchase.


Main section(key technology): 

The Purpose of tire for Paver and Small Cold Milling Machine Wheeled paver and small cold milling planer had in common are built for flexibility when transporting shorter distances. The differences between these two machines are working on different road surfaces. Paver's tires require temperature tolerance and oil resistance because most of the asphalt used today for paving comes from petroleum crude oil. A small cold milling planer, like Wirtgen 100f, is mainly removing asphalt or concrete, which requires higher abrasion resistance. The ultimate goal is to extend the laminated wheel service life of your heavy equipment.

Why EVERPADS Is the Best Rubber Laminated Wheel for You?

EVERPADS tackles different purposes of the machine's need with different compounds of rubber properties and traction regarding the laminated wheel. Choosing the right laminated wheel can really optimize your machine performance and reduce the cost of replacement. So why should you choose EVERPADS for your laminated wheel?


Key Technology:


Dynamic Simulation

EVERPADS's development team adapts advanced simulation technology to find the best compound rubber formula to get the best result for the heavy equipment regarding wheeled paver and small cold milling machine.


The next reason that makes EVERPADS your best choice is the combination with the key technology Formula E. The Formula E solution of EVERPADS's rubber wheel controls the rubber temperature at 63 ℃ or 145.4 ℉ (see the figure). The technology keeps the tires from aging and losing property capability( tearing strength & abrasion resistance) too quickly that extends the wheel life span.




With all key technology in EVERPADS laminated wheel, our purpose is to help our client reduce maintenance costs and accomplish the construction projects. We keep challenging ourselves to bring the best result for your wheeled paver and small milling machine.


Choose EVERPADS Laminated Wheel Today

EVERPADS laminated wheel has many features that are going to guarantee that it keeps working well for you. With amazing technology that gives our rubber tyre a lifespan times longer than that of other providers, why would you go anywhere else?




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