How E15 E22 E30 rubber compound extends rubber pads lifespan for your machine?

06. Dec. 2022

With 30 years of rubber products experience in heavy construction equipment, EVERPADS sets the standard for advanced rubber track pads with our Formula E core technology that significantly improves the service life of these vital products. Previously, we highlighted what makes Formula E track pads superior in performance and cost efficiency. In this post, we detail the features of each unique rubber compound—E15, E22, and E30—and the relevance it has to its respective machine's performance: asphalt pavers, excavators, and cold milling machines (cold planers).

Asphalt Paver Rubber Track Pad Challenges



As the need for asphalt paving services continues to increase, and labor shortages remain a common business problem, the emphasis turns toward the efficiency of the paver, its precision, and its overall capabilities. 

  • Pavers require higher stability to produce high-quality new pavement surfaces, making rubber track pads a critical factor in providing traction for stability. 

  • Inferior rubber track pads can lose physical strength very quickly, ceasing to provide the necessary traction for the paver and losing the full potential of delivering the best quality work. 

  • Pavers frequently work in extreme heat, dealing with high temperatures and viscous particles on road construction surfaces. In turn, viscous particles erode the rubber track pads' surface, shortening the lifespan.

  • Heat causes rubber aging and diminishes shock absorption abilities.


EVERPADS E15 Rubber Compound for Asphalt Paver Track Pads


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The E15 rubber compound, specially developed for asphalt pavers, combats the challenges of asphalt paving construction and resists asphalt heat particles that stick on the rubber pads, accelerating erosion. This ability is due to the E15 paver rubber track pads compound involving a proprietary mixture of heat- and oil-resistant materials. The heat-resistant compounding prevents the cause of rubber softening that deteriorates the rubber surface resulting in lower abrasion ability. As such, the E15 rubber track pads minimize deformation and create consistent stability during the pavement construction project. 


E15 rubber track pads solve asphalt pavers’ greatest challenges by maintaining consistent stability and resisting asphalt heat particles.


Excavator Rubber Track Pad Challenges

Excavators face many challenges in everyday road construction.

  • Excavators work on various terrains, such as asphalt roads, railroad tracks, and sharp object surfaces.

  • The most challenging road surfaces are moving over hard and sharp objects that will cut off the rubber track pads' surface. 

  • Excavator rubber track pads must be able to withstand all types of terrain.

EVERPADS E22 Rubber Compound For Excavator Track Pads


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The E22 rubber compound, specially formulated for excavators, allows this machinery to work on rugged and sharp object surfaces such as railroads, glasswork, and disposal areas. However, when excavators move on rough surfaces or in unforeseen environments, rubber pads often get cut off, shortening the lifespan. The exceptionally high demand for railroad construction tests the excavators' abilities to move over, on, and off the railroad, cutting rubber pads and incurring additional repair costs. 

The E22 rubber compound for excavator track pads uses proprietary cut-resistance and tear-resistance molecular structures to solve these problems, keeping rubber pads intact—even after scrapes from sharp objects.  In addition, the E22 rubber track pads provide a more comfortable operating experience due to their high-elasticity advantage.


E22 solves excavators' more significant challenges by providing high elastic compounding that can maneuver rugged terrain with a smoother operator experience.


Cold Milling Machine Rubber Track Pad Challenges

When it comes to heavy construction equipment, the cold milling machine or cold planer can require critical decisions to be made daily to increase productivity and maximize profitability, as equipment and maintenance can cost upward of millions of dollars.

  • Cold milling machines must move with enormous drag force on rugged surfaces.

  • These machines must contend with considerable operating weight, like 42 tons, for example.

  • Cold milling machines risk significant financial impact with downtime.


EVERPADS E30 Rubber Compound For Cold Milling Machines or Cold Planers

The E30 rubber compound, specifically developed for heavier machine track pads, such as cold planers, excel at working in motion, plus:

  • 1.5–2x the service life with low-heat generation, prolonging costly replacements

  • For high-loading capacity machines, the E30 has unique cut resistance compounding, preventing abrasion from the milled surfaces.

  • Recognized worldwide as the ultimate rubber track pads for cold milling machines


E30 rubber track pads, designed for cold milling machines or cold planers, solve the heavier machinery’s challenge of providing flexibility with high-load capacities, working in motion.


What's Next for Heavy Equipment Spare Parts?

These rubber compounds—E15, E22, and E30—include special additives for each type of machine based on extensive research, development, and testing so you can complete your daily tasks more efficiently. 

We promise that the EVERPADS Formula E series will give you a superior experience in your construction projects because we have proof based on the experiences of our 48,000 customers globally. We focus on the quality of rubber track pads so you can focus on your project.

In addition to rubber track pads, EVERPADS provides a comprehensive product line of construction machinery spare parts shown in our product catalog.




Whether you use EVERPADS rubber track pads or something else, it has never been more important to have high-efficiency spare parts. So if you are ready to take your equipment to the next level in longevity and performance, please contact us to assist you today.