The Production and Technology of EVERPADS Milling Drum for Cold Milling Machine

23. Jul. 2021

Why choose EVERPADS? We are the manufacturer and partner that provides a whole range of high-value products for cold planer machines. Our quality, consistency and accountability ensures you will complete your projects at the highest level.


Cold Planer Milling drum Manufacture Process

Road construction companies face more and more challenges today. Our unique, newly designed milling drum provides outstanding performance that adapts to any road conditions. A robotic welding arm assists in setting the best angle and the most precision alignment during the production process, aiming to bring optimal flatness when milling the road. We meet the diversity of our customer's demands and frequently exceed their expectations. 



Step 1: Receive customer inquiry/Communicate specific needs: Upon receiving an inquiry, our experts will contact you to better understand your particular needs. Do you need a standard milling drum or a fine milling drum? Or perhaps you need a customized drum. We will find out and meet your needs, whatever they may be.


Step 2: Send to manufacturer:  Our technicians will run a manufacturing process simulation before manufacturing the milling drum. We do this to increase accuracy within the welding process and automatically correct the custom geometry.


Step 3:  Manufacturing: Confirm the simulation result and begin processing

A. The initial formation shape with special steel.
B. Multi-axis mechanical arm adapting synchronized welding system firmly attaches the teeth base on the drum ensuring geometry and angle accuracy.




C. 6 times welding process consolidated all milling teeth base on the milling drum.




D. Secondary process: 24 hours of stress relief annealing prevents deformation, welding cracking, stress corrosion, and ensures welding strength.


Step 4: Test: In this final stage, quality control inspectors run dynamic balance adjustments to inspect every angle, depth, and geometry. If the milling drum has not met the requirement, inspectors will send it back to the machining center. 


Step 5:  Delivery: We deliver your drum on time, perfectly manufactured to meet your specific needs.




A. Welding is conducted by an imported robotic arm and is computerized. There is high stability, high accuracy and a high positioning angle. Good milling flatness and quality are guaranteed. 

B. Everpads boasts better milling flatness than other brands and we have well-organized tool holders with a perfect land-contacting angle.

C. A well-aligned tool holder is the reason that Everpads has superior milling material collecting efficiency. The waste material collecting board is made of anti-wear material and a large surface design. This ensures that waste material is entirely removed from the milling chamber and keeps the milled road surface clean.

D. We offer one-stop customized services, providing an array of solutions. Our patented tool holder provides stable service, 15-3mm, and an alignment can be arranged by you. All milling machines are compatible.

E. We have a fine milling drum with a TH05 tool holder, forging craft, and is heat-treated; all of which increases tool holder durability. We choose the best welding material joining with the base to provide outstanding tensile properties. It also results in better endurance on impact during the milling process.





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