Why choose EVERPADS Rubber Buffer for your Asphalt Roller (Vibratory Roller)?

26. Jul. 2021

Maintaining the tools of your trade is key to keep them working well long term. With the cost of heavy equipment such as an asphalt roller, you want to make sure you are choosing the right parts and doing great maintenance. 
A good rubber buffer is going to ensure your equipment continues working correctly. Therefore, you want to ensure that you choose the right rubber buffer for your asphalt roller.
Read this article to know why EVERPADS Rubber Buffer should be the buffer you purchase.


Why Is an Excellent Rubber Buffer Crucial for Your Asphalt Roller?

If the engine is the heart of the asphalt roller, then the rubber buffer will be the lung of the asphalt roller. While the vibratory roller drum is working, the static and dynamic forces must be absorbed by a rubber buffer to protect the shaft and allow the roller to keep working.

Meanwhile, the rubber buffer also plays the essential role of easing vibration from the roller that provides a comfortable operating experience. The great rubber buffer decreases your roller wear and tear and increases efficiency during the project.

How Does Rubber Buffer work in an Asphalt Roller?

If you wonder how a rubber buffer works in an asphalt roller, this section is just for you. Here, we'll tell you how the core foundation of the rubber buffer works with the vibratory roller.
The different types of vibratory rollers, from self-propelled vibratory rollers to tandem vibratory rollers and 11023lb (5t) to 79366lb (46t) operating weight, require different specifications of rubber buffers for each roller. 
When road rollers use vibrating technology to compress the road surface, it will produce the spinning force inside the drum. To maintain the roller’s stability and compressing performance, the rubber buffer is essential to absorb the high centrifugal and shear force during the work.   


26-ton vibratory roller


What Are the Critical Factors for Rubber Buffer?

There are many factors that you should consider when purchasing a rubber buffer for your asphalt roller. Some of these factors are going to be more critical than others. Here we will cover the most critical factors you need to consider with your purchase.

Life span

One of the most critical factors in the life span. The last thing you want is to be replacing parts on your asphalt roller constantly. There are a few factors that help determine the life span of your rubber buffer. 

  • Physical Properties of the Rubber: To get the best physical property of the rubber, it requires a high quality of technology to increase the life expectancy, especially when looking at heavy-duty construction projects.

  • Vibrating frequency/Shear force: During projects, the high vibrating frequency will generate heat to the rubber buffer. The rubber buffer needs to remain at a stable temperature to maintain its physical properties. If the rubber buffer keeps increasing the temperature while operating, the rubber will begin aging (decreasing performance) and tearing.


Inferior rubber buffer: start hardening / flake off and losing damping capability



Endurance is the next critical factor you want to look at. Hardness and elasticity have different requirements for each type of vibratory roller. You want to pick the right one for your roller.

Operating Weight

The final critical factor to consider is operating weight. The rubber buffer you choose has to match the roller weight. 

Why EVERPADS Is the Best Rubber Buffer for You

So why should you choose EVERPADS for your rubber buffer? There are many reasons, including using key technology to make sure that EVERPADS is producing the best of the best product for you.


Key Technology:


EVERPADS uses key technology for their rubber. The key technology solution (Formula E) of EVERPADS’s rubber controls the rubber temperature at 63 ℃ or 145.4 ℉ (see the figure).
Formula E keeps the rubber from aging and losing property capability too quickly. This increases the service life to three times more than other brands. As our client, you will not worry about shortening service life when a high vibrating frequency is required.   



Steel Plate

The next reason you should choose EVERPADS is our steel plate. The rubber buffer's steel plate is the only contact point with your machine. 
Steel plates must be capable in every environment. EVERPADS rubber buffer steel plate undergoes heating, electroplating, and anti-corrosion treatment to handle every construction environment.

Mounting hole

Our mounting hole is the next reason you should EVERPADS. The mounting hole for EVERPADS rubber buffer uses reinforced steel material. This means that the mounting hole is not easy to deform or break.


The Adhesive for your rubber buffer is important. You want to be sure that the steel plates do not peel off from the rubber. With EVERPADS rubber buffer after a strong sandblasting and three adhesive treatments, the steel plates are guaranteed not to peel off the rubber.


EVERPADS has the ability to customize rubber buffers if we do not carry the rubber buffer that fits your machine. Instead of having to call around to many different providers instead, don’t worry. Just fill out the dimension in the spec form, and EVERPADS will reach out to you soon.




Choose EVERPADS Rubber Buffer Today

EVERPADS rubber buffer has many features that are going to guarantee that it keeps working well for you. With amazing technology that gives this product a life span three times longer than that of other providers, why would you go anywhere else? 
With over 25 years of experience and development, EVERPADS understands every key element of the Rubber Buffer for road construction that helps our clients accomplish every project from light to heavy-duty. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help your roller be ready for work. 



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