Why Should You Choose EVERPADS Polyurethane Track Pad?

28. Jul. 2021

What are Polyurethane Track Pads?

Polyurethane track pads are currently the popular selection for the cold milling machine undercarriage system. The track pads' primary purpose is to protect the surface while the heavy machine is working. The polyurethane track pad is sought after because of the harder and better steering capabilities that allow for smoother agility.

For milling machines that produce asphalt disposal and other scraps during the milling project that can erode the track pads, polyurethane is the better choice and will give the machine a longer life span.

What Are the Critical Factors for Polyurethane Track Pads?

Choosing the right polyurethane track pads can significantly reduce your costs.

There are a few factors that help determine the life span of your polyurethane track pad:


  • Hardness: The polyurethane track pads require high load-bearing and great steering agility. Therefore, hardness needs to be at 90-95 HRC that creates the texture against the surface.

  • Tearing strength: The inadequate tearing strength of the polyurethane track pads the more likely to come off, which has a shorter service life.


Weak tearing strength of track pad


  • Abrasion resistance: While the cold milling machine advances, especially on the milled surface, it will accelerate the wear of the polyurethane track pads. The poly track pads have a high level of abrasion resistance, increasing the service life.


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Bad abrasion resistance causing short service life: 300~working hours


  • Design: Cold milling machine undercarriage systems have a smaller radius of gyration. The track pads are specifically designed for smoother mobility and, therefore, minimizes any extra wear.

Why EVERPADS Is the Best Polyurethane Tracl Pads for You

So why should you choose EVERPADS for your polyurethane track pads? EVERPADS is devoted to develop multiple pattern designs which really solve our client’s problems. Our polyurethane pad will bring the best results for your construction machine.

Key Technology

Long service Life:  A high standard of raw material selection with EVERPADS manufacturing capability enhances the hardness, tearing strength and abrasion resistance. This performance provides up to 1600 hours of service life. Please find the attachment for the SGS third-party testing report.


                                                                               SGS Testing Report



Manufacturing process: The gravity die-casting and high-pressure manufacturing process ensures our product’s density and strength, providing a reliable track pad for our clients.

Chamfer edge patent design: This patented design effectively optimizes the advancing quality and steering agility. Creating the space between the edges and pads avoids unnecessary wear and tear.

Bolt-on track pad design: This design provides a more straightforward installation and cost-effective solution.

Built-in plate patent design: Enhances 20% of the adhesive force, preventing fall off.

The Technology of EVERPADS Poly Pad


   Over nine months of working, the condition remains excellent 



Make your Machine outstanding!